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lauantai 17 lokakuu 2015 10:22:14 Uwe Seimet kirjoitti:
> In order to finalize the media change detection code I will have to use
> libudev. How do can I correctly tell cmake to link against libudev? As a
> work-around I have modified CMakeCache.txt like this:
> CMakeCache.txt:SDL2_LIBRARY:STRING=/usr/lib64/libSDL2main.a;/usr/lib64/lib
> But CMakeCache.txt is a generated file, so the right solution must be a
> change in a cmake-related file. Can you please help me with this?

For examples on how to do that, see CMakeLists.txt and cmake/Find*.cmake

Note that you need also to have check for include file, not just library.

(Depending on distro it may be possible that some library dev packages
install their own CMake files to the CMake system directories.)

I'm not really *that* familiar with CMake, so I put CC on list too.

	- Eero

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