Re: [hatari-devel] Problems compiling Hatari 1.9.0 with CAPSImage 5.1

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On 09/10/15 23:31, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
>> It runs well - especially on the pi2 :) Cheers!
> What about the PI1 ?
> I tested an old version of hatari on my Rpi 1 and it was slowwwww.

It could be my memory playing tricks - It might have been slow, but I'm
sure some stuff was playable - with rpi1 overclocked etc and Hatari run
with options

--zoom 1 --compatible 0 --timer-d 1

> Is it possible to get your version ?
> And for which rPI OS is it compiled ?

It is part of the RetroPie project - so for Raspbian Wheezy (is possible
to build it on Jessie also).

If you just want Hatari and nothing else you can

git clone

and then do

cd RetroPie-Setup
sudo ./ hatari

and it will compile it and install it to /opt/retropie/emulators/hatari

Or use ./ and install it from menu 5.

Note RetroPie-Setup is still on v1.8.0 - I'm working on updates now for
the build script etc (and adding ipf support).

Best Regards


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