[hatari-devel] Problems compiling Hatari 1.9.0 with CAPSImage 5.1

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Greetings - I've run into a few issues building Hatari 1.9.0 with
CAPSImage 5.1 (on the raspberry pi) - doesn't seem to be supported fully
out of the box - but I was able to get it working with chanegs.

I am using this source

The first problem I came across was that the CAPS includes for Linux
contain "__cdecl" which causes gcc to moan -  but defining this to ""
works around that - This is a capsimage bug I guess, since they should
define it to "" for GCC on Linux.

Second problem is src/floppy_ipf.c references types "CapsLong" /
CapsULong but this is not defined anywhere in the CAPS 5.1 includes that
I can see, nor in the Hatari sources.

The 4.2 capsimage.h has them though as

#include <stdint.h>
typedef uint8_t  CapsUByte;
typedef int32_t  CapsLong;
typedef uint32_t CapsULong;

so I just changed them to Sint32 / Uint32 in src/floppy_ipf.c - Perhaps
they can be defined to that in the Hatari source or maybe capsimage has
some new types to be used - Whatever you think is the best fix - or
perhaps the new capsimage should provide them for backward compatibility ?

With the changes above I was able to get a binary built (moments ago) -
yet to test it though.

Best Regards


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