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Hi Nicolas,

This is a good news.

I've done some tests. I wish they'll help.

My conf :

WinUAE core, ST(f), 1 Mo, TOS 1.04 fr

Real time clock emulation (ON)
Blitter emulation (OFF)
Patch timer-D (OFF)
Boot faster by patching TOS... (OFF)
Prefetch mode slower (ON)
Cycle exact, slower (OFF)
MMU Emulation (OFF)
24 bits adressing (OFF)

I've sometimes changed the CPU, the memory or the STf / STe. I write the exact conf each time.

 Compatible but slower (ON, but I think it doesn't do anything here)

First : something I never noticed before (because I mostly use hatari in falcon mode on gemdos harddrive).

I insert a floppy disk into the drive, Then I run it (reset hatari).

At a moment, the demo ask me to insert the Disk 2. So I remove the disk one, select the disk 2 and hatari tells me : ERROR: Cannot insert same floppy to multiple drives.

I have to insert this disk into the drive B, then remove it, and insert it into the drive A to have it been taken into account (I tested the demo Froggies over the fence)

Sometimes it works correctly (but sometimes no).

OK, the tests :

Froggies over the fence :

In the main menu, There are some pixel glitches on the frogs.

I then select the upper left frog (the green one). In the 4096 color screens, there are pixels glitches on the images and it flickers a lot (the flickering may be normal, but I don't think the glitchy pixels are).

Antique (Dune) (tested with Ste, 4 Mo) seems OK

Dark side of the spoon  (not all screen tested) Ste 4Mo, seems OK

Delirius demo (Stf, 512 Ko), not all screens tested,  Seems OK.

Poltergeist demo : (Stf, 512 Ko), all screen tested, seems OK

syntax1.msa (probably syntax terror). The screen goes to black, then nothing (it seems to crash)

virtual1.msa (something written at the beginning (crack to beat this part 3), then black screen and nothing more) (it seems to crash)

Vodka1.msa :(STF, 512 ko, TOS 1.04) it prints "crack to beat this", then double bus error

Big_demo.msa : (STF, 512 or 1 Mo TOS 1.04) it displays the first screen and then crash.

Black.msa : (STF, 512, TOS 1.04) it crashes at the early beginning

Oh crickey, wot a scrotcher : 1 screen tested + main menu, it seems to work.

devotion.msa : the demo returns to the desktop.

eatMyBollocks : (Stf, Tos1.04, 1 Mo) :  it seems to work

Flippo demo : seems to work OK

Faith Demo (By Chuck and myself) ;)  seems OK

More to come later, hope this helps.



Le 30/09/2015 13:49, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
Le 30/09/2015 13:03, Bob Carpenter a écrit :

Please let us know when we should start testing our favorite games with
the WinUAE core. I have not used it except when running as a Falcon
because if the recommendation to use the old core for ST/STe programs.

Well, you can now, but use "prefetch mode, slower" mode in the system settings, not "cycle exact, slower".

Regarding games, it's less likely to show differences when you use a cracked version. So if possible, try the IPF or STX version with the original protection still in place.


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