[hatari-devel] STF/STE using WinUAE CPU in prefetch mode

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up to now, the recommended cpu core to use for emulating STF/STE was the old UAE cpu core. It was tweaked over the years to support several complex features (instruction pairing, cycle precision for read/write when accessing video registers, exception stacks, ...)

But maintaining this is getting more and more time consuming, especially since we now use also the WinUAE cpu core, which has a much cleaner implementation of those features, handling them without all those hardcoded/specific cases.

As part of this transition, the last remaining differences were recently fixed and emulating STF/STE machines using WinUAE cpu core in "prefetch mode" should now give the same results as when using the old cpu core in "prefetch mode".

Could all people here test some of their favourite (or not !) STF/STE demos after compiling Hatari with "./configure --enable-winuae-cpu" and report any change when compared with old cpu core ?

Possible differences would be in cycle counting and precise cycles when accessing hardware registers, so you would see broken fullscreens, plasma effects with bad colors / shifted pixels or "spectrum 512" like images with mis-aligned pixels/colors.

Next step on the list is to use WinUAE cpu's "cycle exact" mode and update Hatari to use it in order to get precise bus accesses for each instructions, but this will take some time (for example, this would allow to remove hard coded pairing instructions)


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