Re: [hatari-devel] A question about the debugger

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Another follow-up ...
On 14 Sep 2015 at 22:58, Roger Burrows wrote:
> At this point, the only thing left to try is to make the GEMDOS drive the 'C'
> drive, and try autostart.  I'll do that next.  I'm probably being very stupid
> about this, but I don't find the debugger very easy to use, at least under 
> Windows ...
Well, I fought my way past the discovery that the path specified for the 
autostart program overrides the GEMDOS drive specified in the configuration. 
But I still can't get autostart to work.  The message from Hatari is: "Failed 
to create autostart file for 'PULSE.PRG'."  What does that mean?


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