[hatari-devel] A question about the debugger

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I'm trying to use the debugger to figure out a problem that occurs under 
EmuTOS.  I have an initialisation file with:
symbols etos256us.sym
trace cpu_symbols
history cpu 2000

I'm using the following command (from a Windows command prompt) to run a recent 
1.9.0 test version of Hatari under Windows 7 (64-bit):
hatari_falcon.exe --debug-except bus,autostart --parse debugger.ini -s 4 --tos 
etos256us.img --log-file debug.log --trace-file debug.trace

I expected the trace info to go into "debug.trace" but it just goes to a 
(separate) windows console instead.  What am I doing wrong?  How do I get *all* 
the trace & debugging info to go to a file that I can browse later?

Roger Burrows

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