[hatari-devel] ISHAR 1, 2, 3 Falcon problem ?

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Hi all,

I wanted to play to the Ishar trilogy on hatari (falcon varsion).

It seems that none of them is working (I've also tested transartica which seems also not to work).

I've taken all images from http://christophe.bray.free.fr/informatique/falcon/falcon_jeux2.htm#Ishar

for all the 4 programs, iIt seems that hatari waits forever at the following code :

$0004fc3c : 0109 0000                          movep.w   0(a1),d0
$0004fc40 : b041                               cmp.w     d1,d0
$0004fc42 : 6b00 fff8                          bmi       $4fc3c

with A1 = $00FF8207

So it seems that the programs always wait for the screen position beam to change, which is currently not implemented into the current hatari videl version.

Is it the case for someone else here too ?



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