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-----Original Message----- From: Eero Tamminen Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2015 3:35 PM To: hatari-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Subject: Re: [hatari-devel] Enabling NatFeats

On keskiviikko 19 elokuu 2015, Thorsten Otto wrote:
> The SCSI Driver does not prevent you from using any other access
> method, it just provides more (low level) functionality and direct
> device access.

But the problem is that you might have a regular file on the host
attached to e.g. the emulators SCSI interface. It does not make sense
(if at all possible) to use the hosts sg-interface to access that file,
if the atari side decides to send SCSI command to access it. Instead the
natfeat would have to look at every command and try to translate it to
something meaningful. In that case it might make more sense to tell the
SCSI driver that this "device" should not be accessed by SCSI, so the
driver (or EmuTOS or whoever) can fallback to use the XHDI method. It
might make sense though to access real devices like cdroms or anything

I don't completely understand your concern.

If user gives same file / device to be mounted multiple times:
--disk-a same.st --disk-b same.st --acsi same.img \
--ide-master same.img --ide-slave same.img --scsi same.img

That's just "STUPID USER ERROR".

Note: on platforms that support it, Hatari uses flock() to detect
such issues for IDE and ACSI image access.  I guess it could be used
for floppy images and SCSI images/devices too.

- Eero

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