Re: [hatari-devel] Enabling NatFeats

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On keskiviikko 19 elokuu 2015, Thorsten Otto wrote:
> > The SCSI Driver does not prevent you from using any other access
> > method, it just provides more (low level) functionality and direct
> > device access.
> But the problem is that you might have a regular file on the host
> attached to e.g. the emulators SCSI interface. It does not make sense
> (if at all possible) to use the hosts sg-interface to access that file,
> if the atari side decides to send SCSI command to access it. Instead the
> natfeat would have to look at every command and try to translate it to
> something meaningful. In that case it might make more sense to tell the
> SCSI driver that this "device" should not be accessed by SCSI, so the
> driver (or EmuTOS or whoever) can fallback to use the XHDI method. It
> might make sense though to access real devices like cdroms or anything
> else.

I don't completely understand your concern.

If user gives same file / device to be mounted multiple times:
	--disk-a --disk-b --acsi same.img \
	--ide-master same.img --ide-slave same.img --scsi same.img

That's just "STUPID USER ERROR".

Note: on platforms that support it, Hatari uses flock() to detect
such issues for IDE and ACSI image access.  I guess it could be used
for floppy images and SCSI images/devices too.

	- Eero

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