[hatari-devel] (Missing) TT SCSI emulation problems

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Hi all,

In the TT emulation, when launching HDDRIVER or CBHD in their default
configurations both drivers take a very long time to initialize. CBHD
even seems to be hanging forever. This is because they try to access the
TT's SCSI chip and even though this chip is not (at all?) supported by
Hatari, there does not seem to be a bus error when accessing its registers.
As a result the drivers assume TT SCSI is supported, they try to test for
devices and are blocked in some timeout loops.
I guess there is a reason why the TT emulation does not just throw a bus
error as long as the SCSI chip is not emulated. Why is this so, and what
about a startup (command line is sufficient) option that disables the
SCSI chip emulation in TT mode?

Take care


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