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I think Jerome's changes could be pushed to the main repo. Even if Jerome has not had time to fix the TT RAM bug in the preference screen, the other new CPU options work. I would not want the other developers to wait on such a small OS X preference problem. 

I would prefer that Jerome give you the files since he may have made changes since the version that I tested for him. 

Bob C

On Sunday, June 21, 2015, Nicolas Pomarède <npomarede@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Le 16/06/2015 03:23, Bob Carpenter a écrit :

This preference panel works much better. You already know about the TT RAM bug. I could only check so much since I could not compare it with the SDL menu in Falcon mode. I tried Miguel’s suggestion of removing everything from ~/Library/Application Support/Hatari, but that only allowed me to see the SDL menu before I selected anything. Once I selected the TOS 4.04 ROM and rebooted, the SDL menu went blank again. However, I did remember to try TOS 2.06. That ROM allowed me to select the 68040 and 68060 options and still allow me to see the SDL menu since it was not using the Falcon screen modes. I could see the proper preferences were being set in the SDL menu. I think this looks good once the TT RAM preference problem is solved.

Thank you for working on this.

Bob C


is there any OSX code that could be pushed to the main repo ?

What are the remaining points to fix for OSX ?

Apart from the OSX UI, I think everything else is ready to be released, so I hope OSX part will be ready soon :)



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