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On Sun, Jun 7, 2015 at 7:46 PM, Roger Burrows <rfburrows@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Sorry for the delayed response.  I finally tried the latest build
> (a7c02de3c842) on Win7 Pro SP1 (64bit).  I can't get any of the release builds
> to work:
>         hatari-win32-release-default-sdl1.exe
>         hatari-win32-release-default-sdl2.exe
>         hatari-win32-release-winuae-sdl1.exe
>         hatari-win32-release-winuae-sdl2.exe
>         hatari-win64-release-default-sdl1.exe
>         hatari-win64-release-default-sdl2.exe
>         hatari-win64-release-winuae-sdl1.exe
>         hatari-win64-release-winuae-sdl2.exe
> Windows issues the "xxx has stopped working" message and the problem details
> say (among other things) APPCRASH.
> However, all of the debug builds that I tried worked OK.  So there's no
> usability issue for me, it's just a pecularity.  And it's nice to be using the
> latest Hatari again, so thanks for your efforts!

Any one else seeing this? I can't seem to reproduce this problem.


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