Re: [hatari-devel] Cartridge code Pexec7 / AUTO issue

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On sunnuntai 26 huhtikuu 2015, Thomas Huth wrote:
> I now rewrote the cartridge code so that it uses less space on the
> stack (the program header does not get fully loaded on the stack
> anymore). The code is now really, really ugly, but it seems to work, at
> least with the TOS version that I've tested.

Great, thanks!

Speaking of ugly, and saving few more bytes from stack:

The results of e.g. temporary Fread()s could be stored into
Cartridge area, if Hatari emulation was changed to have some
part of cartridge memory area writable when Hatari cartridge
code is loaded...

> I hope that it is
> sufficient for other TOS versions, too, so if you could do some more
> testing (especially also with TT RAM), that would be great!

I'll check TOS v3 and v4 + EmuTOS (to which Roger just
added Pexec7 support) + few AUTO programs with older
TOS version.

	- Eero

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