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Am Thu, 9 Apr 2015 11:35:22 +0200 (CEST)
schrieb hwarin@xxxxxxx:

> Hi, Eero
> In fact, I don't know about this as all of this is managed by CMAKE
> (that I never even knew before yesterday) and don't know precisely
> how to check - may be in a close look at the output of my "Make" ?
> ==> I will provide you this evening a complete cut/past of my "Make"
> output

Could you maybe also provide the output of "make VERBOSE=1" ?

> Another question : Does my setup appear to be complete for a simple
> build or will I ABSOLUTELY need something else as VisualStudio to
> have very simple IO functions to be compiled (I can manage to edit
> sources from notepad for the while).

I don't think that current Hatari still compiles with VisualStudio -
should be fine if you only use it as an editor, but I doubt that you
can still build the sources with it. A MinGW / make-based build system
should be the way to go.

> > From that, I've been able to retrieve sources and got something
> > compiled .. but I'm unable to link properly :
> > "CMakeFiles\hatari.dir/objects.a(file.c.obj):file:(.text+0x2e1):
> > undefined reference to 'gzopen'

If you're completely stuck, you could also try to build without zlib
support (HAVE_LIBZ and HAVE_LIBZ_H should be undefined in config.h).


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