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I've identified several issues for Windows environment that are easily fixable :

Bug  : Default value for serial/midi
==> Lines 525/535 of "configuration.c" : Default values as %HomeDir%/Dev/Modem ....
==> File_MakeAbsoluteSpecialName() lines 702/706 ==> File.c

Bug : Impossible to select a Win32 device
==> Lignes 675++ of File.c
==> File_MakeAbsoluteName() does not work in AmigaOS - It does not work for special devices on Windows also
==> See google "win32 device namespace" - Might work as is with \GLOBAL??\COMn style or \Device\Serialn style instead of \\.\COMn.
==> Confirmed to work with simple COMn: (with n<=9) style with whatever path before as this is a special DOS reserved filename 

Bug : Impossible to select any option from command line except -W or -D (even -h/--help makes nothing)


I've then decided to try to fix this myself and to setup a dev environment .... So far, what I did (on Windows 7)

- Setup "Win-Builds 1.5.0" (includes MinGW, SDL, and numerous other libraries)
- Setup "CMAKE-3.2.1"
- Setup "Python-3.4.3"
- Setup "Zlib128" (as I was unable to make it work from Win-Builds"
- Setup "Tortoisehg-3.3.3"

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