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Hi, all


If this can help, we can manage a meeting and I can arrange a shared session to show my findings and the issue in details. I'm usually available on week days from 9 or 10 PM FT


Regards - Hervé

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Sujet : Re: [hatari-devel] Serial port issue with windowsHi,


Is there anybody on the list who ows Windows setup and could take a look at

- Eero

On sunnuntai 05 huhtikuu 2015, hwarin@xxxxxxx wrote:
> I'm very new at Hatari usage but I think I've put the finger over a "bug"
> on serial port handling on windows systems. I've understood that support
> of this very nice emulator is mostly done on "pingu-based" environment.
> I'm searching a good Atari emulator, running over windows (any version)
> and able to operate correctly with serial ports. I'm more experienced
> with Gemulator that I've been practicing since it's DOS version - but
> forget with that, I've just discovered Hatari and found that it suits
> all my needs except that I've been unable to have a proper serial
> communication on Windows. I was not so surprised as some posts there or
> there were warning about that it was not working ...
> In fact, after hours of searching, I think that I've pointed out the
> issue what seems to be only on the file selector ! I explain : When one
> goes to the F12 menu and goes to the device submenu, you have to browse
> to select a file, what is an incorrect solution for windows as you'll
> never find any serial port in this way (and defaults to
> %homedir%\/dev/modem ... notice the \ /). Any selection will cause an
> error at reboot (logged in STDERR) and RS232 is disabled.
> Then, I've went to the "hatari.cfg" for a little bit of hacking and I've
> finally found a setting that starts to work .. You need to have at least
> 2 physical serial ports, say COM1 and COM2. If you force usage of COM1:
> in szOutFileName nd COM2: in szInFileName, you have no more error at
> boot time and the emulation is about to work on serial port, sending
> data over COM1: and receiving data from COM2: .... that is far from
> perfect but could be usable ... if one byte over ten was not gardage.
> After that, I've tried to use direct device names (\\.\COM1) instead of
> COMx: but it failled ... with an interesting message from STDERR showing
> that the name used was not the name provided in "hatari.cfg", the dot
> was removed as a "\", resulting in an invalid name ....
> To sumarrize, there is
> - One problem with the "device setup" box that always add something as
> "%homedir%" - One problem with the parsing of hatari.cfg, removing dots
> and double \ [I would be able to setup something as \\.\COM1 or
> \\.\PIPE\VMWAREDEBUG or \\.\CNCA0] - One problem with the handling of
> characters transmitted (may be file openned/closed repeatedly) ... and I
> suspect the same issue for MIDI emulation
> I would be glad to help solving this - but unfortunately, I have no
> development environment allowing me to recompile and only very few
> programming skills. If someone is interested to work on the subject, I
> can make all possible testings and, with some guidance, setup a
> development environment on the subject.
> Regards - Hervé
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