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David, do you have a reproducible test-case for this?

On lauantai 07 maaliskuu 2015, Thomas Huth wrote:
> I think this should be solved in a different fashion: The dialog
> already says "CPU halted", but in fact it does not halt the CPU.
> When the CPU would have really been stopped, there would be no further
> exceptions - and the user could decide whether to bring up the main GUI
> or to reset the emulator via shortcut or to quit directly or to enter
> the debugger.

I'm in favor of this approach.

Unless one is developing/debugging one's own program, I think main cause
for these kind of situations is wrong HW configuration, so going into
options GUI is best as it allows fixing the HW config besides
reseting & quitting the emulation.

I.e. in addition to halt, the dialog should probably be changed into:
	<Error>  =>  CPU halted!

	Likely reason for the error is wrong HW configuration.
	Invoke Options GUI (or cancel to continue debugging)?

		[ OK ]  [ Cancel ]

This will need some extra variable that tells emulation to invoke
Options once emulation gets back to main loop.

> Nicolas, what do you think?

	- Eero

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