Re: [hatari-devel] Error dialog needs cold reset button

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On lauantai 07 maaliskuu 2015, David Savinkoff wrote:
> If the emulation cannot be reset, then the user must be
> given the option to kill hatari on the spot. I was in
> full-screen mode and had to log in to the desktop
> from a separate terminal. Someone else may have
> decided to Power Cycle their PC to regain control.

Good point, I didn't think of fullscreen. [1]

The reason for having OK button is that somebody may want to debug the 
reason why code got such a problem.

As to Reset button, should it be Warm or Cold reset or should there be 
buttons for both?

And is Exit button needed if there is/are reset button(s)?

Current dialog boxes support only OK & Cancel.  Before writing code for new 
reset form, I need info on which buttons are needed and about reset safety 
(from Nicolas).

	- Eero

[1] AFAIK this is X specific problem.  I think on Windows one can TAB away 
from fullscreen applications, and on Linux Wayland may allow that too.  If 
Hatari for some reason freezes, you will have the same problem too.

(When Hatari freezes on Linux, I just do "killall -9 hatari" in virtual 

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