Re: [hatari-devel] beautify sdl-gui underlines patch

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On keskiviikko 04 maaliskuu 2015, David Savinkoff wrote:
> While I was playing with your arrows.diff patch, I
> discovered that Hatari (with and without your patch)
> decreases the screen height with <alt><up arrow>
> when it would be better to increase the height.

This is matter of preference, but I don't have any strong
opinion on this myself.  What about the others?

> This patch arrows2.diff improves on arrows.diff
> by fixing the aforementioned problem.

It was already decided that the arrow icons won't be changed.
Althoug it would give better indication about shortcut, using
up and down arrows here would just look weird:
	  <- width  ->
	x <- height ->

	- Eero

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