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> shouldn't it be %11 to ffe9 (HCR) instead ?

No, HCR is $ffe8 in the motorola doc.

Le 26/01/2015 23:12, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :
I check this.

I've found this, it may be of interrest
HI Interrupts Host Request (HREQ)
The host processor interrupts are external and use the HREQ pin. HREQ is normally con- nected to the host processor maskable interrupt (IPL0 or IPL1 or IPL2 in Figure 10-16) input. The host processor acknowledges host interrupts by executing an interrupt service routine. The most significant bit (HREQ) of the ISR may be tested by the host processor to determine if the DSP is the interrupting device and the two least significant bits (RXDF and TXDE) may be tested to determine the interrupt source (see Figure 10-17). The host processor interrupt service routine must read or write the appropriate HI register to clear the interrupt. HREQ is deasserted when1) the enabled request is cleared or masked, 2)
DMA HACK is asserted, or 3) the DSP is reset.

Le 26/01/2015 23:12, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
Le 26/01/2015 23:02, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :
oops ;)

For the DSP side, I propose :

HSR        equ    $ffe9    ;Host Status Register
HTX        equ    $ffeb    ;Host Transmit Register

     ; START
     org    p:$0
     jmp     $40

     org     p:$40

     ; General code to initialise port B
     movep    #>0,x:<<$fffe
     movep    #$c00,x:<<$ffff
     movep    #>1,x:<<$ffe0
     movep    #>3,x:<<$ffe8        ; enable interrupts
     andi    #$fc,mr

     jclr    #1,x:<<HSR,*
     move    a,x:HTX

     jmp    tst_loop

I think I have to set %11 to $ffe8 to enable interrupts.
I'll test this under hatari first.

shouldn't it be %11 to ffe9 (HCR) instead ?

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