Re: [hatari-devel] New WinUAE CPU core ST/e compatibility?

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Le 06/01/2015 18:33, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

While new WinUAE CPU core seems to have at least as good
Falcon compatibility as the old one, how compatible it
should be to ST/e?

I've noticed that overscan and spec512 palette tricks
in demos look all wrong (e.g. DHS Molz on STE or CareBears'
SoWatt on ST).

There are also several ST / STE demos which crash with
the new WinUAE core (I think it works better than old
WinUAE one though, just not as well as old UAE core).


I'm working on it ; lots of demos are already working now in your list, but the trick is that you should use prefetch mode, but not cycle exact mode (prefetch mode will be similar to the old UAE cpu, so it will be a reference to do regression tests ; WinUAE's cycle exact will be used later, but for now it will give wrong results in nearly all cases)

I still have some uncommitted changes, I'll tell when it's OK to do more tests and to report differences.


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