Re: [hatari-devel] New WinUAE CPU core ST/e compatibility?

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On tiistai 06 tammikuu 2015, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> I'm working on it ; lots of demos are already working now in your list,
> but the trick is that you should use prefetch mode, but not cycle exact
> mode (prefetch mode will be similar to the old UAE cpu, so it will be a
> reference to do regression tests ; WinUAE's cycle exact will be used
> later, but for now it will give wrong results in nearly all cases)
> I still have some uncommitted changes, I'll tell when it's OK to do more
> tests and to report differences.

As I saw your recent commits, I couldn't wait, so I did some more 
testing with "--cpu-exact no".  :-)

In general things work with that, but:

* ULM "dark side of spoon" still doesn't boot

* One of the pictures in "Cernit Trandafir" and "More or Less Zero"
  STE demos have very noticeable garbage pixels

	- Eero

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