Re: [hatari-devel] working 060 demos (was: 060 + DSP -> freeze)

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On maanantai 19 tammikuu 2015, Anders Eriksson wrote:
> PS. I'd also like to give a shout out to native Falcon demos for 68060,
> not just Amiga converted ones. Try Supernatural or Dazed by Evolution for
> example.

I tried Codein, Derealization and We Reached Stars, but none of
them worked.  Neither did another Amiga port, kiOEA.

I think so far only TBL 060 conversions have worked.  I guess
they don't demand as accurate emulatio.  Hatari goes only
up to 32Mhz 060 (and to run that at real speed without any
sound etc perf problems, one needs a PC with really fast single
threaded performance).

	- Eero

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