Re: [hatari-devel] New WinUAE CPU core MMU support

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And TOS4 naturally doesn't boot with 040 or 060 if MMU is enabled.
I guess MMUs are too different so that TOS 4 MMU setup for 030
could work (even without enabling TT-RAM).

68030 MMU and MMU instruction set are totally incompatible with 68040 and 68060 MMU and MMU instructions.

68030 (and 68851 which has even more features) MMU is full of strange and interesting features, 68040/060 MMU don't do much more than translate pages and check and generate access faults :)

68040 and 68060 MMUs are mostly compatible (page tables are practically identical), main differences are in bus bus error stack frame (which is totally different) and behavior after exiting bus error.

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