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On Sat, 10 Jan 2015, Eero Tamminen wrote:

On perjantai 09 tammikuu 2015, Anders Eriksson wrote:
I made a 512MiB image that is installed and ready to run with real Falcon
TOS v4.04, get it here:  (only 500k packed)

AHDI driver installed, not very modern, but at least nobody will
complain about copyright issues. But more importantly, it is the driver
that came along with the Falcon together with asm56000.ttp (developer

It's a bit weird, it works only with TOS v4 ("--ide-master ide512.hd").
It doesn't seem to work with EmuTOS (Falcon/IDE or ST/ACSI) or earlier TOS
versions (which support only ACSI).

Does same happen with you?  If yes, does anybody have any idea why, is
there some AHDI v6.06 incompatibility I don't know about?


I don't know about EmuTOS, I use Hatari as an aid to code the Atari machines, and for that I want the real TOS that works as expected.

Earlier I made an image for the ST, it works as expected, but I can't put that up for download as it's using my personal registred Hddriver. I used it to test the fantastic Spectrum 512/4096-realtime-streaming movie player for the ST/STe, it's a technical marvel and Hatari ate it just fine.

Anders Eriksson

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