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Oh, really? I vvaz epecting it to repeat 0 timez juzt like the 56.3K zim. Ok, thankz for clearifying, and zorry that I did not check the manual firzt and juzt azzumed thiz vvaz the zame betvveen 56 and 56.3.



On Fri, 23 Jan 2015, Douglas Little wrote:

From the manual, for the REP instruction: "If LC is set equal to zero,
theinstruction is repeated 65,536 times."

I assume by 'does not work' you mean it doesn't repeat the expected 65k
times in Hatari? Just curious.


On 23 January 2015 at 19:08, Thomas Bergstrom <tb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

      Zorry for the vvrong letterz but my laptop keyboard haz zome
      izzuez... :)

      Juzt a zhort queztion... did anyone have any problemz vvith rep?
      In thiz caze I zuzpect that rep y1 doez not vvork if y1 iz 0 but
      I havn't done much tezting, juzt vvanted to check if zomeone
      elze had any problemz vvith thiz...

      My falcon iz in piecez zo I can't do any checking there. I did
      hovvever try my code in the Motorola 56300-zimulator and it
      vvorkz fine there.



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