Re: [hatari-devel] using make-atari-image script (was: asm56000.ttp problem)

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On perjantai 09 tammikuu 2015, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
> Has anybody got a little IDE image disk that boots under hatari which I
> could use to make the test ?
> 20 Megs would be suffisant enough I think (it was the size of my first
> harddrive on falcon back in 1995 ;)
> Makeide from the hatari tools directory doesn't make a bootable disk.

If you mean "make-atari-image" script, it just creates a partitioned
ACSI/IDE image with given content, that has a DOS style bootsector
and partition table.

It doesn't add HD driver to the image.

You can access the image by:
* using EmuTOS,
* using a floppy image with your preferred HD driver, or
* installing your preferred HD driver to the image before
  using it

Only restriction is that the HD driver needs to support DOS style
partition table, I'm not sure whether all do.  EmuTOS support that
without needing any HD driver.

	- Eero

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