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On maanantai 01 joulukuu 2014, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> since there was no negative feedbacks about severe regressions with the
> test version, I committed my changes to the main HG repo after syncing
> with the recent commits.
>  From my tests, everything seems to compile fine with old uae-cpu core
> and new winuae core (2.8.1).
> Let me know if you see something unusual.
> For next step, I plan to sync with latest WinUAE 2.9 beta sources. Not
> many changes to expect, as I already imported some of them, but it
> should fix a few MMU cases and some cycles computation, as well as
> removing some special cases I handled while waiting for their inclusion
> in WinUAE.
> At this point, we should have a more stable base to work with.
> PS : note that winuae's cpu compilation still has a high level of
> warnings/errors reporting, I will change this latter when it's not
> needed anymore for debugging.

I browsed through the changes in code outside the CPU core, and
noticed e.g. this:
+		Exception(exceptionNr, ExceptionSource);
 		Exception(exceptionNr, m68k_getpc(), ExceptionSource);
 #ifdef UAE_NEWCPU_H

Why so many defines?

And this change:
-unsigned long OpCode_GemDos(uae_u32 opcode)
+uae_u32 OpCode_GemDos(uae_u32 opcode)
 	GemDOS_OpCode();    /* handler code in gemdos.c */
-	m68k_incpc(2);
- = regs.irc;
-	get_word_prefetch(2);
+//	m68k_incpc(2);
+// = regs.irc;
+//	get_word_prefetch(2);
+	(*cpufunctbl[0X4E71])(0x4E71);
 	return 4 * CYCLE_UNIT / 2;

Why above replaces the old (commented out) code with:

Instead of:

that is used with all the other glue functions?

	- Eero

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