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On maanantai 24 marraskuu 2014, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> For now, I didn't check any pending todo's for WinUAE. 1st step to just
> run the new core version was a really long task, requiring to test a lot
> of cpu / accuracy level combinations. At start, nothing really worked at
> all, even in 68000 mode.
> All options that were in Hatari 1.8 have normally been ported to this
> new version. If not, let me know, but nothing new was added for now.

Ok, so all the features in current ("Laurent's") WinUAE core, including
debugging ones, should already be supported also in the new version.

That's good, because then Douglas' BadMood should work with it.
Bad Mood is a good test-case for compatibility, debugging/profiling
and DSP <-> CPU timings.

> My plans are :
>   - sync with latest winuae's beta. I included some of the changes, as I
> also reported some bugs to winuae, but not all of them.
>   - improve cycles accuracy for 68000 and 68030, requires to check some
> timings sensitive demos for example.
>   - add TT ram support and more flexibility to the 24 bit adressing mode

This will be very interesting for testing Douglas' Quake II renderer
Falcon port/rewrite, as Quake (II) maps don't really fit into 14MB.

> Once I reach this, we can consider this new cpu core is stable enough
> and we can add new features.

If the new core were in separate directory, it could be added right away
alongside current ones and selected at config time.  This would make
testing and fixing things easier now that it's in working shape.

Once it works as well or better than current WinUAE core, latter can be

	- Eero

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