Re: [hatari-devel] New version of WinUAE's cpu core

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Le 24/11/2014 20:02, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

If the new core were in separate directory, it could be added right away
alongside current ones and selected at config time.  This would make
testing and fixing things easier now that it's in working shape.

Once it works as well or better than current WinUAE core, latter can be


I don't feel like keeping a third cpu core directory into Hatari sources ; they share some similar code, but some variables with old winuae's core now have different meaning, so it would mean more #ifdef in several places and not really possible to choose between the 2 Winuae cpu core at run time anyway.

If the only option it to choose the winuae cpu core at compile time, then we can as well compare this new version with the one in Hatari 1.8.0 ; not much has changed cpu wise since Hatari 1.8.0 was released, so it gives a point of reference to compare with the new core.


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