Re: [hatari-devel] add support for TT ram ?

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Le 14/11/2014 09:30, Thomas Huth a écrit :

IIRC I added the code in memory.c already in the very early days, when
there even was no support for TT emulation yet. So for the normal ST
emulation, it did not make much sense to really finish this work and so
the code was never completed.
Also there are some other parts of the code (e.g. the STRAM_ADDR macro)
which explicitely force an address to 24 bits, so these parts of the
code won't work with TT memory either (e.g. gemdos.c).

ok, so maybe the next step would be to use the value true or false of --addr24 in STRAM_ADDR or similar macro instead of always truncating the higher 8 bits of an address. This way, we get a behaviour closer to either a falcon with limited 24 bit addressing or to a TT with full 32 bit addressing capability or (or to a falcon with a CT2 extension board if we want to simulate that somehow)

I might look at this once I finish to update Winuae's core.


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