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Le 20/11/2014 23:00, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :
Hi Nicolas,

First, I thank you very much, it's a huge work that you've archieved here.
Great work.

I've quickly tested 2 demos that had worked with previous versions but
were not working with the last version of hatari :
- Moai : it works now
- EKO system : it works also now ;)

It looks promising.
(Falcon mode, no MMU, cycle exact)

But, I've also tested my current work and the timings differ a lot !

I'll give this version a closer look, I think it'll take some time to
check everything.

New WinUAE's code also changes timings depending on the memory being accessed (rom, chip ram, fast ram, ...). I haven't adapted this yet for Atari HW, but it could be a reason for different timings. I need to have a look at this next. CE mode depends on many parameters, both in CPU and in memory's handling.

A thought : if one selects Falcon emulation, maybe we should select the
MMU ON now (a Falcon had a MMU inside).

Well, it depends, MMU mode provides addresses translation and other memory protections, but it's less cycle accurate. So it would be better used for running unix like OS (think about Next) or TOS replacement where such functionnalities are needed.
Also, memory translation will take more cpu to emulate.

So, for game/demos and standard Falcon programs, I think it's better to disable MMU now, there're more cases where it's not needed than the opposite.

Again, it's a great work !

Thanks, but the work you did on older winuae's version also helped to compare both cores and have a starting base.


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