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Hi Nicolas,

First, I thank you very much, it's a huge work that you've archieved here.
Great work.

I've quickly tested 2 demos that had worked with previous versions but were not working with the last version of hatari :
- Moai : it works now
- EKO system : it works also now ;)

It looks promising.
(Falcon mode, no MMU, cycle exact)

But, I've also tested my current work and the timings differ a lot !

I'll give this version a closer look, I think it'll take some time to check everything.

A thought : if one selects Falcon emulation, maybe we should select the MMU ON now (a Falcon had a MMU inside).

Again, it's a great work !


Le 20/11/2014 22:35, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :

A test version of the new cpu core based on WinUAE 2.8.1 is available, at least :)

You can get it here :

The zip file contains 2 exe for windows build in 32 and 64 bit mode using the WinUAE's core.

It also contains the source tree for Linux/OSX users. Just run :
./configure --enable-winuae-cpu && make

It took much more time than expected to adapt our old version based on WinUAE 2.3 to this new version, because many things changed internally to get more accuracy in cycle exact mode, some functions kept their name but had different behaviour :(, some functions even had different versions based on parameters' type (C++ overloading) and needed to be adapted to C (having similar names for different functions is not really helping when working on such low level code) , ...

This required lots of changes to WinUAE's code, some bugs were also fixed (and forwarded to WinUAE).

But all in all, it should be for the good, this version implements some more low level depiction of the CPU's mechanism, full MMU emulation (for 68030 and 68040/60), more accurate FPU and more to come.

Given all the changes, I'd like people to test this version before committing it to our mercurial repo. I tested it successfully with various tos, STF,TT, Falcon modes, RAM, compatible or cycle exact mode and so far all those combinations are working under TOS.

But I only tested 2 or 3 demos and only 1 game (beats of rage).

I would need people to test it with their favorite games/demos and to report *regressions*. For now, it's not obvious improvements will be visible, but at least it's important to ensure there's no regression (programs that worked should still work, and if a program works badly with this new version but it was already bad before, then it's OK for now).

Once it's OK, I will commit the new version to HG.

Note that as usual, WinUAE produces a lot of warning during compilation, don't bother too much about it, they're mostly harmless and will be disabled later.


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