Re: [hatari-devel] question about natfeats' code

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Le 26/10/2014 23:17, Douglas Little a écrit :

    Douglas, have you seen anything funny related to SR,
    when using NatFeats?

Not that I have noticed - although SR accidents with the low byte would
mainly affect condition codes, which are pretty context sensitive and
68k sets these continuously anyway.

If the upper byte is wrong though it would probably show up pretty quickly.



Unless in very special case, I don't see why the C code for a natfeat command would require to change SR (or any other registers in a fact), except maybe to indicate a specific return status in CCR or in a register.

So, I think it's up to each natfeat command to do what it wants with the registers, even if the default behaviour will certainly be to not do anything, but only call debugger/change emulation speed/...

I will commmit a patch to remove SR save/restore, let me know if it breaks anything, but I don't think it will.


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