Re: [hatari-devel] Using device files as drive images?

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On tiistai 14 lokakuu 2014, Uwe Seimet wrote:
> Thank you for checking the locking APIs.
> > Don't use automount for things which you access also directly.
> > Or at least make sure to unmount them before that.
> Sure, but I was just wondering whether there might be a way to
> technically address this issue.

I guess I'll just need to state this in the Hatari manual...

> > > And not to use device files with partitions that are mounted.
> > 
> > How do you propose detecting that, by parsing /proc/mounts?
> It was not my intention to propose anything. I was just wondering
> whether this issue can be addressed.

I think that in most cases it could, but I think it's OS specific,
maybe even OS version specific code i.e. probably requires quite
q bit of both ifdefs & run-time version checks in addition to

Contributions for these OS specific things are welcome! :-)

> > > With file images there is the same problem, but in practice
> > > auto-mounting file images is much less common than auto-mounting
> > > removable media.
> > 
> > Are you suggesting using advisory locking to prevent
> > multiple Hatari processes accidentally using the same
> > image files?
> ;-) No, just for completeness sake I mentioned that not only device
> files but also image files are affected.

Ok.  It might not be a bad idea although it only handles
the least of the problems with this.

	- Eero

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