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On lauantai 23 elokuu 2014, Konador, Cyprian wrote:
> When I eject IDE HD master image, then after reset Hatari imiedetely
> crash. It happens when I choose "Reset machine" from GUI or when I press
> OK in dialog box "The emulated system must be reset to apply...".

Doesn't happen for me (on Linux).

$ atari-hd-image 8 8mb-disk.img
$ hatari --ide-master 8mb-disk.img

Then press F12, from options eject IDE master, then press Enter 3x.

After reset, Hatari is up just fine.

Please provide more info about your setup and test-case.

> I've checked that on clean Hatari setup with EmuTOS and TOS 1.04.

TOS 1.04 doesn't support IDE, (512k) EmuTOS does
(directly, without drivers).  I tested with both,
no problems.

	- Eero

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