RE: [hatari-devel] IDE eject issue

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> From: Eero Tamminen
> Sent: Sunday, August 24, 2014 1:58 PM
> Doesn't happen for me (on Linux).
> $ atari-hd-image 8 8mb-disk.img
> $ hatari --ide-master 8mb-disk.img
> Then press F12, from options eject IDE master, then press Enter 3x.
> After reset, Hatari is up just fine.

Maybe try to start Hatari without any parameters, and do following steps:
 - add IDE master from GUI: Hard Disks--> Browse;
 - Reset Machine;
 - Hard Disk--> Eject
 - Reset Machine;

That sequence close Hatari (default), and freeze Hatari-winuae under Win7. I also tried different IDE images.  I've checked version 1.8.0 and different Christer builds. That issue exists in both versions 32 and 64 bit.

> Please provide more info about your setup and test-case.

I check that on a clean setup, just download ZIP from Hatari or Christer website and unpack it to a new directory.

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