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Le 14/08/2014 00:31, Bob Carpenter a écrit :
I found a resolution to my problem. When I was testing Hatari’s video
capture a few months ago, I changed the value of AviRecordVcodec to 1
instead of 2. I looked in the manual, but it did not tell me which value
corresponds to PNG or BMP recording for the AVI. When I changed the
value back to 2, the problem disappeared.

If AviRecordVcodec=1 is a valid value, could someone else try it on
their system and attempt to record video using Hatari?

Anyway, the problem on my system has been resolved. I am sorry to take
up people’s time.

AviRecordVcodec=1 will store the video frames as BMP (24 bit, not compressed, but eats less cpu).

AviRecordVcodec=2 will compress the frame as PNG images

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