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First, thank’s to Nicolas for its help on hg and patch.

OSx part  of  Hatari, Three corrections.
Required Xcode build settings:  SDK 10.9 OSx deployement target   10.5

1- correction of values sent back by NSAlert (my bug !!)
2- Resolving differences between localized files:  infoPlist.strings, Localizable.strings, SDLMain.nib
3- "default folder choice" correction (for config file).  cfg file can be read-writed anywhere, but you can select the default folder directly.

Next changes I plan:
- displaying OSx preference window  if TOS file is not found at start.
- drag & drop on Hatari icon for st and msa files (and other?). 
- drag & drop on Hatari window or preference window for st and msa files (and other?).

— config default folder is "~/Library/Application Support/Hatari", so I think preprocessor macro CONFDIR perhaps would be better:   CONFDIR=\"Library/Application\ Support/Hatari\"  (only for OSx of course).
— I think it’s time to use .xib file alone in Hatari project, because an editable .nib file contains a copy of .xib file (designable.nib) and  a keyed archive of same .xib file (keyedobjects.nib).
— Some setup can’t be canceled. exp:  opening a .st  file. I don’t know if its very important !

Comments will be appreciated. 


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