RE: LMC1992/Microwire test WAS: [hatari-devel] No sound in the Pacemaker Demo

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> From: Nicolas Pomarède 
> Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2014 10:19 PM
> Unless tests by cyprian show different results, I think this should be 
> the correct behaviour and should be bug proof in case some program use 
> 0xffff as a mask for example.

Ok, I've done my test again (attached) and I have to admit that 0xc1ff/0x8000 doesn't change LMC mixer setup. 
I just wrongly interpreted my previous tests (I reused a part of code from my another application and  just didn't take into account LMC setup from it).

LMC_0B set Input 1 (mix DMA+YM equally) and then set 0xc1ff/0x8000  - here YM is audible
LMC_0B1 set Input 2 (only DMA, YM muted) and then set 0xc1ff/0x8000 - here YM is not audible

Therefore it seems that 0xc1ff/0x8000 is just ignored by LMC.



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