Re: [hatari-devel] Re: Interesting sound problems with Hatari?

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I think that's probably true - I repeated some tests and found zeroes are in the MixBuffer also, providing the whole buffer is dumped in the same way as the audio output buffer.

However the zeroes are not arriving from the DMA stream to the dac.writePosition (which is what I tested previously, and again now). I have dumped all of those and the data looks correct.

What does look a bit strange, is the fact that dac.readPosition and dac.writePosition will depend on synchronization, and yet zeroes are being stuffed into dac.readPosition here:

            case 2:
                /* Crossbar->DAC sound only */
                dac_LeftData = dac.buffer_left[dac.readPosition];
                dac_RightData = dac.buffer_right[dac.readPosition];
                dac.buffer_left[dac.readPosition] = 0;
                dac.buffer_right[dac.readPosition] = 0;


I would say that in general, for a SPSC queue, the reader should never be writing anything. I haven't checked how this is synchronized but I believe your patch affects this code exactly. So I'll try it before I go any deeper with this.


The Falcon sound must have the bug because that section of code
works well for the STe. Your computer is not slow.


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