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Le 04/03/2014 04:10, Bob Carpenter a écrit :

Your patch works great. It fixed the problems in both IPF files. I have one unrelated question. Recently, I discovered that Lethal Xcess supports the blitter if you use Hatari in STE mode. However, if I try to do this, the screen flickers horribly and has all sorts of artifacts. I tried using a UK version of TOS 1.62, but the same problem occurs. I checked the compatibility list and it looks like it should work.

Is there something I am doing wrong, is this a regression, or did I misunderstand that Hatari supported the blitter in that game? Thanks. I look forward to trying out STX support when it arrives.


that's a bug in Hatari that sometimes happens in STF mode too ; the game uses a self calibration routine at the start using the MFP timers. But the timer are too "stable" on Hatari, a real STF/STE has a slight 4-8 cycles jitter not properly emulated yet. Later in the game, when the top border needs to be removed, this lack of jitter can cause an error in the top border removal.

I will fix this once the STX support is complete.


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