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Le 15/01/2014 17:08, Roger Burrows a écrit :
On 15 Jan 2014 at 9:43, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
But on real HW, do you mean that if you set the timeout to 9 sec, then
bit 5 gets to 0 after 3 sec ?

When I say "set the timeout to N seconds", I mean "wait N seconds for bit 5 to
go to 0".  As far as real hardware is concerned, the drives are correctly
detected as present or absent with the current timeout of 3 seconds.

Sorry for insisting, but too be very precise I have another wording/test :

On real HW, if you set timeout to 9 sec, disconnect drive A and wait for bit 5 of ffffa01 to go to 0 :

- does bit 5 go to 0 before those 9 seconds ? And if so after how many seconds (approximatively) ?

- does bit 5 always stays to 1, and the timeout expires after 9 seconds, indicating the fdc was not able to complete the restore command ?

Basically, if you set the timeout to 1 minute and disconnected both drive on real HW, would it take 2x1 minutes for EmuTOS to consider the drives are not available ?


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