Re: [hatari-devel] Re: Hatari floppy drive detection with EmuTOS

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Le 15/01/2014 03:43, Roger Burrows a écrit :
On 14 Jan 2014 at 23:31, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:

Do you mean that if you set timeout to 9 sec, then command 0x03 on drive
A stops after 3 sec and bit 5 of fffa01 is cleared (=command over) ?

No.  I mean that increasing the timeout still didn't help detect a drive that
was actually present (according to Hatari).  Bit 5 of fffa01 was never set to
zero, the timeout happened after 9 seconds instead.

But on real HW, do you mean that if you set the timeout to 9 sec, then bit 5 gets to 0 after 3 sec ?

That's not really related, but when you decide to timeout a command, I
think you should send a force interrupt command, not send the next
command immediatly ; Hatari might be wrong on that timeout case, but at
least with a force int command it would have worked.

You're probably right.  But that still doesn't explain why a restore command on
a configured drive apparently never completes.

Yes, in that particular case, something certainly needs to be fixed in Hatari. Bug generally speaking, you should do it anyway, whether on real HW or emulation ; if you timeout on real HW for whatever reason and sends a new FDC command, it will be ignored as busy bit is still set in the FDC.

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