Re: [hatari-devel] Re: Hatari floppy drive detection with EmuTOS

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On 16 Jan 2014 at 10:46, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> Do you have the possibility to test this on a real ST :
>   - connect drive A and disconnect drive B as above
>   - but in the drive detection test, test drive B first, then drive A.
> I'd like to know the delay you get in that case where spinup is made
> first on the disconnected drive.
I'll do that as soon as I've finished testing my current EmuTOS update.  Today
if things go well :-).

P.S. I will also test with the "disable spin up" bit set in restore, since I
agree that makes sense.  If detection is not made worse, I'll update EmuTOS
subsequently with that change.

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