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Le 17/01/2014 13:23, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
Le 17/01/2014 03:07, Roger Burrows a écrit :

I will post a small program later that simply check a restore+spinup
that you can test on your drive 0 and 1, to see if they give different
result when they are drived by the same WD1772. If that's the case, then
it's a difference in the drive model.


here're the small testing programs.

They will just do a restore with spinup and measure the index pulse delay on the drive while the motor is running.

There's one program for drive 0, another for drive 1.

After running the program, wait for the motor of the drives to turn off, then press space to start the test (should take 1 or 2 sec).

Please, test the programs on your 2 drives, with or without a floppy inserted, and also when drive is disconnected (if you can disconnect A ? else it's not a big deal)

You should note than when the drive is waiting for spinup (connected without a floppy for example), as soon as you insert a floppy, then the spinup resumes and completes.

If other people have an external drive, they can report their results too when there's no floppy in the drive and running fdc_ip_1.prg.

In the case of my STF, the spinup completes only when the drive is connected and with a floppy inserted.



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