Re: [hatari-devel] Videl / VBL interrupt issue in Hatari?

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Le 20/01/2014 12:55, Mariusz Buras a écrit :
Perhaps it happens because Hatari is usually slower then real Falcon?


I don't think so, timings are sometimes different, but overall speed should be rather similar ; it could be a pending interrupt mask that is not correctly clear when several VBL interrupts occur and SR>2300.

Best to test/debug this would be to have a very small program that just does the VBL interrupt and reproduce the problem (having to run BM is involving too many things to clearly separate issues).


Mariusz Buras.

On 20 January 2014 11:51, Eero Tamminen <oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


    Douglas is having strange Videl & VBL issue. VBL interrupt
    handler starts recursing until its stack usage stomps over
    something important:

    This doesn't occur on real Falcon (has never happened there,
    can be reproduced 100% in Hatari).

    "It does stop if I don't lower interrupt priority mask in the VBL.
    It's very
    strange that the VBL can recurse on top of itself without a loop
    present, or
    any jumps. I might even say its borderline not-possible."

    Any ideas what could cause this with WinUAE CPU core?

             - Eero

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