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Le 24/01/2014 22:55, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

maybe you could use "--exception_debug" instead ?

That's way too long, it would make Hatari "--help" output too
wide for 80 cols console.  If you want it changed, please suggest
something more specific that's not longer than "--exceptions"
(current option&  help already goes to 80 cols).

Already existing --debug options has also very broad meaning,
how I should rename that ?


Yes, '--debug' is not very self explanatory, especially as it has nothing to do with "debugging" directly, but more with breaking on "bus error" and "address error" (it's a historical option where emulation was less precise)

Maybe "--debug" could be removed, I doubt the change will affect many people. Then it could be merged with "--exceptions" into "--debug-execpt", which would fit the 80 char column width :

  --run-vbls <x>          Exit after x VBLs
  --debug-execpt <mask>   xxxxx

Regarding this 80 columns limitation, do we still need it ? I don't think so, we could relax it a little up to 100 chars, nobody is running hatari from plain fixed 80x25 tty :)

Any console window can be resized in width to see more chars (and 80 chars is really short, I doubt any user running hatari from a console has so short windows). For example, take a look a "gcc --help", it goes to 115 column in my french locale settings.

if ( ( nr>=2 )&&  ( nr<=11)&&  ( ExceptionDebugMask ) )
	DebugUI_Check_Interrupt_Mask ( nr );

I'm assuming you're more worried about modifying existing code
lines than adding single block of code there.  If that's true,
does the attached patch look better?

It's shorter, but I'd like better something where all extra code/text goes into the *.c debug files :

if (ExceptionDebugMask && nr > 3 && nr < 9)
  DebugUI_Exceptions ( nr );

The CPU emulation part is really complex, sometimes hard to follow and the less "distraction" there is, the better it is, so I would prefer if inserted debug code could be limited to 2 lines : one "if" statement and one function call.

The other modifications in newcpu.c look ok to me, it's just the one at "@@ -1049,6 +1052,22 @@" that should be changed.

And why there's debugger activation in Exception(),
instead of in exception_debug() that's called from
above listed functions (i.e. like it's done in old
UAE CPU core)?

(Exception handling there looks completely different, i.e. I don't
think adding exception debugging there to affect merging in either

cpu/newcpu.c does not have the same logic has uae-cpu/newcpu.c, so I guess that when Laurent added changes to improve the falcon emulation, not all code in uae-cpu was merged into the new cpu core as some cpu structures are not the same and it's harder to backport the code.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to work on this now, so I think it will stay this way for a moment (unless someone with good cpu knowledge wants to change this without breaking everything :) ).

But in the end, as Doug asked for such exceptions mask to help debugging his code, if this new --debug-except is only present in the old cpu core, I'm afraid it won't be very useful to him, as the old core is not the recommended one for falcon emulation ?


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