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On keskiviikko 18 syyskuu 2013, Bob Carpenter wrote:
> Is there a way to not have the OS X alert box display if you are in
> fullscreen mode? I have hung Hatari a couple of times by hitting Quit
> from the SDL menu and Hatari hangs. Only recently did I realize Hatari
> was trying to display the OS X alert box which is not available when you
> are in fullscreen mode.

Doesn't OSX compositor handle that?  At least on Linux, if there are
dialogs on top of the window, compositor redirects the fullscreen
window and composites the dialog then on top of that, *if*
the child<->parent relation is indicated correctly.

Other solutions to this problem are:
* Switch fullscreen of while showing the dialog
* Show dialogs in fullscreen mode using SDL, not OSX dialog code

	- Eero

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